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1872 combinations for snare, bass-drum and hi-hat

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Ignasi Corella Solé


Music Schools and Conservatoires Undetermined Level


Percussion Studies Nr. 1


Spanish, Catalan, English, French



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This book gives a list of combinations of snare, bass drum and hi-hat. This is simply information; the important thing will be how you use it. I will provide some suggestions here:
- Repeat every combination many times; it is not about reading it through, you need to internalize it.
- Play each combination at different tempi.
- Try to go from one combination into another without stopping.
- Use the opposite hand and foot to play; if you usually play the hi-hat with the right hand, then use the left one, or if you usually play the bass drum with the right foot, then use the left one.
- Try to switch the snare for other instruments; instead of playing the snare, play any other drum. You can create combinations as you like.
In short: It’s not about playing many combinations in a short period of time, but to devote a lot of time to exploring every single combination.
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Hi-hat, Drum, Snare drum, Drum

Technical Specifications


Colour cover.


21 x 29,7 cm, vertical


Adhesive binding. Plastic-coated cover.

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