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Linguagem Musical 2

Linguagem Musical 2-Linguagem Musical (Grau elementar)-Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level


Francesca Galofré Mora
Josep-Ignasi Gómez Margarit


Eulàlia Galofré Mora
Jordi Valls Fuster


Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level


Linguagem Musical (Grau elementar) Nr. 2






(The contents for each topic are arranged in order of appearance and should be added to those of the first book.)
Notes in keys: C Major scale; low notes (G, A, B, C) and high notes (C, D, E, F, G); G Major scale and arpeggio; C minor scale and arpeggio; A minor scale and arpeggio. / Time values: semibreve, semibreve rest, minim rest, triplet of quavers (ternary subdivision of beats), quaver rest plus quaver (anacrucis), dotted crotchet plus quaver, dotted quaver plus semiquaver, quaver plus two semiquavers, two semiquavers plus quaver, four semiquavers. / Time signatures: 4/4. / Clefs: treble and bass. / Other topics: intervals of half-step and whole-step (2nd); fermata; Tonic-Dominant; the sharp; leading tone; the flat; Major 3rd and minor 3rd; leading tone of A m; the natural; melodic-minor scale.


Practice activities for reading music, in seven global units presented in the following order:

-Melody-reading exercises using traditional songs, songs and melodies by the authors.
-Harmonic-blending exercises.
-Two-part vocal exercises.
-Rhythm exercises: Sing, clap and play.
-Series of melodies working specific points.
-Written exercises (on perforated pages in book).
-Piano accompaniments for the exercises (in the appendix).

Technical Specifications


21 x 29,7 cm, vertical




Book and appendix (sold as a single unit)

Number of Pages



DINSIC Publicacions Musicals

Also collaborating:


Mariona Vila Blasco

Cover Designer

Antoni Bassó


Anna Bassó Sumoy

Orchestration Orff

Enriqueta Farràs

2-3 Voices

Narcís Bonet

Translations of this Publication

Solfeig 2



Solfeig 2

16.60 €

Lenguaje Musical 2



Lenguaje Musical 2

16.50 €

Abesten 2



Abesten 2

17.68 €


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