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Obra completa per a cobla. Volum II

Obra completa per a cobla. Volum II-Obra completa per a cobla d'Eduard Toldrà-Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level-Scores Elementary

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Eduard Toldrà Soler

Critical Edition

Salvador Mas Conde


Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level
Scores Elementary


Obra completa per a cobla d'Eduard Toldrà Nr. 2


Catalan, Music



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One of the most relevant and complete Catalan composers of the 20th century, Eduard Toldrà was dedicated to all fields in music: the instrument, the teaching, the orchestra conduction and, above all, the creation, the composition. His relevance also stems from his excelling extraordinarily in the aforementioned fields. Until now, the sardanes he composed had been scantily studied and rarely paid attention to, deprived of the lawful value and admiration they deserve. Time and again, they present us with little turns and miniatures, surprising flashes of great psychological fineness, like in the short - minor, if you please - pieces of the great composers. In writing them, Toldrà transcended simple folklore.
Toldrà’s ouvre for cobla consists of thirty-six works: thirty-four sardanes and two non-sardanistic compositions, Les danses de Vilanova (1921), a gloss on the popular ballet, and La maledicció del Compte Arnau (1926), a lyric impression - according to its subtitle -, for three clobles and drum. In the Complete Works, the sardanes are published chronologically, according to the date of their composition. Twelve sardanes (1917-1923) are found in this first volume, thirteen in the second (1924-1932), and six in the third (1935-1950), along with the above-named non-sardanistic works and appendix featuring three reverse sardanes.

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