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Entre els pins i el mar (tenora)

Entre els pins i el mar (tenora)-Music for Cobla Instruments (paper copy)-Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level-Scores Intermediate

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Joan Elias i Mas


Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level
Scores Intermediate


Music for Cobla Instruments (paper copy) Nr. 26


Catalan, Music



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“Entre els pinis i el mar” was premiered by pianist Mireia Planas and violinist Agustí Coma on December 25th 2009 at the Auditori Josep Viader in Girona. Although it was initially composed for violin and piano, I deemed it appropriate to write a version for other instruments - tenora, tible (tenor and soprano shawms), transverse flute, oboe and clarinet -, never changing the piano part and making only slight modifications regarding key, register and articulation, depending on the instrument.
I dedicate “Entre els pins i el mar” both to the excellent pianist, CMMB professor and friend Mireia Planas, in appreciation for her priceless musical and personal advice, and to the superb violinist Agustí Coma (professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Vitoria). Thanks to both of them for their always wonderful performances of this piece.
I also want to show my most sincere gratitude to pianist and composer Jordi Vilaprinyó and to tenora professor Jordi Figaró (both professors at CMMB and ESMUC) for their sound judgment in their observations on this piece and all the times they have so brilliantly performed my work. 
Thanks also to my colleagues at the Conservatori de Música de Barcelona for their interest and readiness in their contributions regarding articulation and register changes for the versions I wrote for the instruments they teach: Erika Gallova (violin), M. Dolors Serra i Eduard Sánchez (flute), Josep Julià (oboe), Alfons Carbonell and Yolanda González (clarinet) and Jordi Vilaró (tible, professor at ESMUC).
Thanks to DINSIC Publicacions Musicals and particularly to Jaume Vilà (an extraordinary tenora player and professor of the Banda Municipal de Barcelona) for their continuous, unreserved support to the publication of my music.

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21 x 29,7 cm, vertical


Staple. Matt plastic-coated cover.

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DINSIC Publicacions Musicals, Jaume Vilà

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