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Frullato 1 bundle (book + CD + accompaniment scores)

Frullato 1 bundle (book + CD + accompaniment scores)-Frullato-Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level

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Eulàlia Galofré Mora
Josep Maria Pladevall


Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level


Frullato Nr. 1


Spanish, Catalan, English


Book with CD

22.60 € VAT not included

23.50 € VAT included


This bundle includes Frullato 1 + CD + piano/guitar accompaniment scores book. 
Frullato 1 (book + CD)
This book is intended for use in recorder classes, and covers the content of the first year of elementary studies. It is chiefly, and in a broad sense, a repertoire book. The music presented is meant for a broad age group, taking account of pupils starting the recorder at the age of six or later. Accordingly, it offers plentiful material, with easy pieces for the youngest and more complex ones for the older ones, so that teachers and pupils can adapt it to their needs or characteristics. Besides, the book includes a CD, where you will find all interpretations of the pieces.
This book complements volume number 17 of the collection 'Da Camera', which gives chamber pieces combining the recorder with other instruments.
Frullato 1 (accompaniments)
Book containing the piano and guitar accompaniments corresponding to the soprano recorder book Frullato 1.


Descant Recorder, Guitar, Piano


Bloc 1: peces amb els grups de notes la-do' i la-do'-re', sense l'aparició del salt la-re'.
Bloc 2: peces amb els grups de notes sol-la, la-si i sol-la-si, amb salt sol-si.
Bloc 3: peces amb les notes dins l'àmbit sol-re'.
Bloc 4: a les notes anteriors, s'hi afegeix el mi, després el re i després apareixen juntes.
Bloc 5: afegeix el fa,
Bloc 6: afegeix el fa
Bloc 7: afegeix el do
Bloc 8: afegeix el sib

Technical Specifications


En blanc i negre. Coberta en color.


21 x 29,7 cm, vertical


Staple. CD in clear plastic envelope with peel and seal closure.


Book + CD + annex (sold as a single unit)

Number of Pages


Appendix N Page





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