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Da Camera 25: The Tiny Magic Flute 2

Da Camera 25: The Tiny Magic Flute 2-Da Camera (digital PDF copy)-Scores Intermediate

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Musical Arrangement

Jordi Domènech Subiranas


Scores Intermediate


Da Camera (digital PDF copy) Nr. 25


Spanish, Catalan, English, Music



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La diminuta flauta mágica (The tiny magic flute)/ Second suite
A set of melodies from Mozart's opera.
This Second suite was there in my mind from the outset. However, the performers of the first part have been growing, and so have the responsibilities and technical demands for them in this second one. The level of difficulty of this Second suite corresponds to students in the intermediate level.
As a new feature coming alongside full chamber-music pieces, it can be noted that in two of the pieces in this Second suite the leading role falls entirely on one of the members of the quintet: one is the diabolical aria sung by the Queen of the Night, which is entrusted to a flute ' and the flute's flautist ' and which calls for fiendish flute-work, and the other is Sarastro's aria, starring the cello. In this latter piece, the cellist will have to work not so much on technical difficulties as on phrasing and tone production, to achieve that full, noble melody line that characterises the basso profondo of the original opera.
The inescapable aria of the Queen of the Night was perhaps the piece that posed the most difficulties for me, owing to its scale, and to its nature as one of the star pieces of the opera. The piece follows Mozart's idea of a 'pezzo di bravura', using the original melody of the soprano, though stressing instrumental effects: detached notes, scales, trills and even a cadenza! The accompaniment also poses difficulties stemming from the nature, tempo and length of the piece. Before tacking it, be sure the group has some degree of experience.
A semi-solo is also found in Papageno's second aria, with the first piano imitating the glockenspiel. The variations that can be found are there in the original, and I have just made them a little easier.
Here is how the pieces in the suite correlate to the original opera:
'The Priests' March. No. 9. Original key.
'The Queen of the Night's Aria. No. 14. Original key.
' Sarastro's Aria. No. 15. Original key: E major.
' Papageno's second aria. No. 20. Original key.
' Finale. No. 21 scene 29 and Allegro. Original keys.
And that's all from me' now here is the Second Tiny Magic Flute suite for you to enjoy!

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