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The seven last words of our Lord Jesus Christ (PS)

The seven last words of our Lord Jesus Christ (PS)-Pocket Scores of Orchestral Music-Scores Intermediate


Cristòfor Taltabull


Scores Intermediate


Pocket Scores of Orchestral Music Nr. 1





15.38 € VAT not included

16.00 € VAT included


A work dedicated to the members of the Choir of Santa Cecilia in Mataró, and intended to enhance the sermon on the Seven Last Words traditionally delivered during Holy Week services, it being a musical commentary on the sermon.
Written for string orchestra, two flutes, organ, tenor soloist and choir, and divided into nine sections: prelude, the seven words, and a symphonic epilogue. Text in Latin.

Instrumental and vocal formations

Instrumental Ensemble, Mixed Choir


Miniature score.
See the vocal score (choir and soloist) with a reduction for piano (or organ) in the Catalan Choral Music Collection (Vol. 8).
See the full score and the parts for performance purposes (available for hire) in the Orchestral Materials Collection

Technical Specifications


15,5 x 20 cm, vertical


Adhesive binding

Number of Pages



DINSIC Publicacions Musicals

Also collaborating:


Enric Cristòfor Ricart


Fèlix Castellà


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