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Traditional Music

The publication of sardanes (Catalan folk dance) for cobla (Catalan orchestra) has always been the fruit of some sort of private initiative which, intermittently and with greater or lesser success, has tried to establish itself and survive in the difficult world of music for cobla.\n The reasons are quite simple: on the one hand, the fact that sardana dancing, programmes and concerts take place - in most cases - within the restricted area that is the exclusive territory of Catalonia and little more than that. Thus there is no possible large scale, global projection for our music. \n On the other hand, nowadays, the extraordinary proliferation of photocopiers and rapid cyclostyles has facilitated the duplication of originals to point that instantaneous reproduction of all kinds of sheet music is within in the reach of most anyone and practically uncontrollable. \n The result is that, with a few distinguished exceptions, many of our greatest, even the most emblematic and classic sardanes have never been published in version for cobla. \n In most cases, the different orchestras of our country create or have built up their repertoire by receiving the works directly from the hands of composers themselves, in the form of photocopies of a single original, or else obtaining them from the archives of other cobles who already have them in their repertoire. \n It is also possible to get hold of works through the heirs of late composers or from some private collection, almost always inherited from some defunct cobla.\n That is why, given the importance of the decision, the initial idea of DINSIC - attempting to create a serious, responsible and accredited archive for the publishing of sardanes for classic and modern cobles - seems to me worthy of public praise and gratitude. \n I wish DINSIC many years of success in this commendable and difficult undertaking of attempting to compile - in order to save and deliver it from disappearance in the short or long term - a truly important part of our unpublished cultural heritage. (J.Ll. Moraleda)

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