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Traditional Music

The aim of our 'Music for Cobla Instruments' collection is to disseminate the original and transcribed music written specifically for the tenora (baritone-tenor shawm), the tible (alto-soprano shawm), and the flabiol (a sopranino recorder played with one hand). The pieces of this collection are with either piano accompaniment or are in small chamber groups which can include 'traditional' or universal classical instruments. The idea behind this to encourage the formation of mixed groups using the cobla and the universal classical instruments at the same time. It is a very necessary step for the continued life of these instruments.\n An important step in the evolution of the tenora, tible and flabiol (instruments which only exist in Catalonia), is the inclusion of these instruments in the superior level of official musical studies in Catalunya. This step has created the necessity for the creation of new repertory and didactic materials for these instruments. The new materials are intended to permit these instruments to evolve in a similar fashion to that of the universal classical instruments.This necessity, along with the need to probe these instruments in areas where they have not yet been tested, are the principal motives behind the creation of this collection.\n Some of this original music will also be arranged and published by DINSIC in the future for ensembles of universal classical instruments, in order to bring this rich collection of music to a much wider world public.

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Jordi Vilaprinyó


Music for Cobla Instruments (paper copy) Nr. 28

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