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Purchasing Conditions

The General Conditions of Buying regulate purchasing, through the web, www.dinsic.com, accessible also through the addresses URL www.dinsic.es and www.dinsic.cat, which is realized by clients of DINSIC Publicacions Musicals, S.L.

In order to become active in our virtual environment and/or to purchase in our virtual store, you must first register as user or client of our virtual environment, and accept the General Conditions of Buying and those referring to the Protection of Personal Data. This expressed acceptance, which is signaled buy pressing the button "Accept", implies complete acceptance of all the conditions of buying of a publication in the version published buy DINSIC in the moment of access by the user or client to our virtual environment/store. In the case that the client is not in agreement with the content of these General Conditions of Buying, the "Cancel" should be pressed.

Your orders can be formalized in any of the three languages of the web: Catalonian, Spanish and English.

2-The Nature of the virtual store

The virtual store is intended for final buyers, in the sense established by the Law 26/1984 of the 19th of July, a general law for the defense of consumers and users, and for the personal consumption of the client, or of the persons in name of whom the client has to be legally authorized to act in their behalf (the buyer must an adult, in the case of physical persons, or possess legal entity, in the case of companies).

The virtual store is also intended for the intermediate consumer who, previously registered, will already have their purchasing data assigned and automated in the system, according to the to the LSSICE and the Mercantile Code.

3.1 - How to register in the virtual store

If the client visits the virtual store for the first time and wishes to buy, a registration form must first be filled out, which can be accessed by pressing the button "New User". From this moment on, the visitor will be a client of the virtual store and will also be accredited as a user of the virtual environment of DINSIC, and in this manner will have access to the other services which are offered, without the neccesity of filling out additional forms. Once you are registered in the virtual store, you will recieve via e-mail your user's name and the access key which will allow you to make purchases on line. The access codes (user name and access key) are personal and non-transferible, and it is the obligation of the client protect the user name and access key. In addition, the client is uniquely responsable for the loss or un-authorized use of the access key or identification code, and of the consequences that can be derived from such acts.

In the web of Dinsic will also be found a zone where the client can change or modify their personal information.

In any case, the client can access his or her personal information, and modify or cancel it by way of the option "My personal information", which can be found at http://www.dinsic.com/en/users/account or by calling the Client Internet Service of DINSIC: 34 93 3180605. By using these options the client can also activate or de-activate the option of recieving e-mails and information on DINSIC (promotions, sales and other advantages for our clients). 
3.2- Selection of products and imposition of prices at DINSIC

DINSIC offers a wide and varied selection of music publishing products. The customer can purchase music books, scores, CDs, digital documents in pdf format etc. on-line.

DINSIC guarantees the price valid on the day of purchase regardless of the day of delivery. That way the customer can benefit from all offers. The virtual store’s prices include VAT.
DINSIC reserves the right to modify unilaterally, in any case and without previous notice, its prices or suspend the products’ sale permanently or temporarily.
The validity of offers will be momentary, without necessarily having to coincide with any temporary period previously announced or notified.

4.1- Preparation and delivery of orders

DINSIC guarantees the availability of all products offered on-line, albeit occasionally there may not be enough stock for all customers. In this case, DINSIC shall notify the affected customers by e-mail.

4.2- Delivery and payment of orders

Delivery of orders may basically be requested in three different ways:
a.)by mail
b.)through an agency
c.)on-line (for digital products)

Payment of orders can be done in two different ways:
a) cash on delivery by mail or agency
b.) on-line with a save payment option, that contacts your banc when introducing the details of your credit card. This payment option is optional for products delivered by mail or agency and obliged for on-line products.

4.3- Costs of delivery

In case your order is delivered by mail or agency, the program will calculate the costs of delivery. These shall be added to the total amount of your bill. On-line deliveries have no additional costs.

4.4- Written confirmation of the executed purchase

Once the customer has explicitly accepted the general terms and conditions of purchase, DINSIC shall send the customer a receipt by e-mail.

5- Applicable law and jurisdiction

These general terms and conditions of purchase shall be interpreted and rule in accordance with Spanish legislation.
In case of any litigation derived from the existence, access, usage or content of these general terms and conditions of purchase, both, the customer and DINSIC, shall submit themselves to the jurisdiction and competence of the Barcelona Court.
DINSIC Publicacions Musicals, S.L.
Warehouse: Sepúlveda, 84 - 08015 Barcelona (Calàbria / Metro L1 Rocafort)
From Monday to Friday 9:30 - 13:30
Tels. +34 93 832 69 46
[email protected]
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