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Música 4

Música 4-Educació Primària: Música Segon Cicle-Music in General Education Primary School

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Francesca Galofré Mora
Jordi-Lluís Rigol Monné


Music in General Education Primary School


Educació Primària: Música Segon Cicle Nr. 4





17.21 € VAT not included

17.90 € VAT included


(Music 4)
-Song: repertoire of songs appropriate to level.
-Ear training: study of short rhythmic dictations, of intonation, melodies and pitch. Continuation of former studies. Some dictations, especially those in nature of pitch, can be found prepared on CD3 of the Teacher's Guide 3-4.
-Dance: repertoire of dances appropriate to the age. Music for dances can be found on CD3 of the Teacher's Guide 3-4.
-Rhythm: semibreve, semibreve rest, quavers, rhythmic eqivalences, rhythm sequences which correspond to 4/4 meter and revision of all rhythms previously studied.
-Time signatures: 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4.
-Intonation: complete scale of C M.
-Dynamic: continuation of previous work.
-Listening: string orchestra, bassoon, harp, organ, baroque orchestra, cobla (Catalan instrumental group) and symphonic orchestra, with excerpts of Tchaichovsky, Vivaldi, Spohr, Fischer, folk songs and dances, Bach, Handel, Garreta, Purcell, Britten, Orff, Schubert and Brahms. All excerpts needed can be found on CD3 of the Teacher's Guide 3-4.

Technical Specifications


22 x 28 cm, vertical


Paperback. Plastic-coated cover.

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DINSIC Publicacions Musicals

Also collaborating:

Cover Designer

Lluís Farré


Lluís Farré


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