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Música 5

Música 5-Educació Primària: Música Tercer Cicle-Music in General Education Primary School

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Enriqueta Farràs
Francesca Galofré Mora


Music in General Education Primary School


Educació Primària: Música Tercer Cicle Nr. 5





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Songs: repertory of songs appropriate to this level
Auditory training: work on short dictations (rhythmical, intonation, melodic and timbre). Sensorial introduction to tonality. Recognition of some intervals. First contact with the functions of Tonic and Dominant. Presentation of the leading note in an elementary introductory way.
The dictations are on the CD Música 5 of Guia del Mestre Música 5 (Music 5 Teacher's Guide).
Dance: Le polichinelle (French folk-dance game) and Jingle Bells (U.S. dance). The music of the dances is on the Música 5 CD.
Rhythm: review of the previous contents. Dotted crotchet-quaver. Triplet of quavers.
Very elementary Orff instrumentations are included for some songs to allow the class to sing and play with guaranteed success.
Times: those already known.
Intonation: review of the C major scale (previous contents). New notes: bass B, A and G, treble D and E.
The G major scale with sustained F: review of the Major scale model.
Dynamics: continuation of the previous work.
Listening: G. Gershwin, J. Sibelius, G. Bizet, ethnic music, C. Saint-Saëns, jazz (Ll. Vidal), G. Sammartini, A. Guinovart, M. Ravel, A. Vivaldi, various folk songs (Japanese, Austrian, German, Catalan, etc.), G. Torelli, G. F. Händel, J. Pachelbel.
Symphonic orchestra, opera, string, wind and percussion instruments, the jazz trio, Baroque music, musicals, etc.
The music for listening is on the CD of Música 5.

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Paperback. Plastic-coated cover.

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