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14. Cinc vocalitzacions sobre J. S. Bach

14. Cinc vocalitzacions sobre J. S. Bach-Songs by Narcís Bonet-Music Schools and Conservatoires Advanced Level-Musicography-Musical Pedagogy-University Level

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Johann Sebastian Bach

Musical Arrangement

Narcís Bonet


Music Schools and Conservatoires Advanced Level
Musical Pedagogy
University Level


Songs by Narcís Bonet Nr. 14





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Cinc vocalitzacions sobre J. S. Bach (Five vocalises for Bach preludes) About preludes by J. S. Bach (1685-1750)

At my request, Narcís Bonet wrote these five vocalises for preludes by Bach.
The first vocalise for Prelude in C-sharp major BWV 872 from Bach’s The Well-tempered Clavier Book 2 was composed for the Cantique exhibition of three of my sculptures. It can be performed without a cello as this instrument is a repetition of the tenor’s voice in the Prelude.
The second piece, written for the Prelude in C major BWV 846 from The Well-tempered Clavier Book 1 is a homage to Mozart as the first phrase of the vocalise repeats the first line from his Ave Verum Corpus. Narcís Bonet liked to explain that with this composition he had brought together two geniuses in one single piece of music.
The third vocalise is based on the Cello Suite No. 1 in G major BWV 1007.
The fourth was written for the arrangement Alexander Siloti made of the Prelude in B minor BWV 855 from The Well-tempered Clavier Book 1.
Finally, the fifth piece is for the Prelude for organ Erbarm’ dich mein or Herre Gott BWV 721. In writing it, Narcís Bonet maintained the harmonization of this choral piece by Bach.

Hélène Bonet-Giraudier


Voice, Piano


1. Vocalització sobre el Choral Erbarm’ dich mein, o Herre Gott BWV 721
2. Vocalització sobre el Preludi de la Suite N. 1 per a violoncel BWV 1007
3. Vocalització sobre el Preludi en do # Major BWV 872
4. Vocalització sobre el Preludi en do major BWV 846
5. Vocalització sobre el Preludi en si menor BWV 855a

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Paperback with flaps. Matt plastic-coated.

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