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Alto Frullato 1

Alto Frullato 1-Frullato-Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level

Inside Pages



Josep Maria Pladevall


Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level


Frullato Nr. 8


Spanish, Catalan, English



20.19 € VAT not included

21.00 € VAT included


Alto Frullato 1 provides a collection of pieces for starting to learn the treble recorder. Though this instrument is often taken up when the student already has a basic acquaintance with the descant recorder, the pieces in this book are intended to be simple enough to make the recorder treble accessible regardless of whatever degree of proficiency the student may have acquired previously on the descant recorder. Thus the students can study the two recorders simultaneously or, in the case of older students or ones taking up a second instrument, they can start directly with the treble recorder, which can in fact be regarded as the chief instrument in the recorder family.
The pieces you will find here were chosen partly for their educational interest, but chiefly for their musical interest. For in our view, studying music without the natural experience of artistic communication makes no sense. That is why these pieces, like the ones in the Frullato books, are intended for public performance. You will find pieces for solo performance ' with piano or guitar accompaniment ' and duos. The accompaniments are meant to be played by teachers or by advanced students, while the duos are intended for two students at the same level. These duos can be taken as the basis for group classes, and they can also serve for chamber-music work.
The chamber-music pieces that combine the treble recorder with other instruments are published separately in the Collection 'Da Camera' from this same publisher


Treble Recorder, Guitar, Piano


The book is divided into 9 blocks, with new fingerings being introduced gradually:
Block 1: introducing the notes in the C' ' G' range
Block 2: introducing the note A'
Block 3: introducing the notes in the B ' G range
Block 4: introducing the notes B' and C''
Block 5: introducing the note Bb' and then adding the note Bb
Block 6: introducing the note D''
Block 7: introducing the note F
Block 8: introducing the note Eb'
Block 9: introducing the note F, '

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21 x 29,7 cm, vertical




Book and appendix (sold as a single unit)

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