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Set cançons sobre poemes de Núria Albó

Set cançons sobre poemes de Núria Albó-Música vocal (paper copy)-Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level-Scores Elementary

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Baltasar Bibiloni


Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level
Scores Elementary


Música vocal (paper copy) Nr. 83


Catalan, Music, English



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Núria Albó’s poems from her wonderful poetry collection M'ho ha dit el vent, (The Wind Told Me) are the inspiration and essence of these Set cançons (Seven Songs) written for voices, piano and flute, except for El fuster (The Carpenter), which is only voice and piano.
In the presentation of her work, Núria wrote ‘These poems have been written, above all, with children in mind…’. This ‘above all’ reminds us that adults have not been excluded from the world of her poetry. Even though some poems are clearly more light-hearted and playful, such as Els bombers (The Firefighters) and El fuster (The Carpenter), others like Ulls blaus (Blue Eyes) and Absència (Absence) evoke deeper and more mature thoughts and feelings.
But, of course, it is also good for youngsters to have food for thought. For example, the wonderful choir piece Pare i mare (Mum and Dad) does just that. Older singers will love the enjoyment and pleasure of singing Soldats de plom (Lead Soldiers). With this in mind, the musical compositions have been written considering children with a degree of experience in choir singing as well as for adult choirs.
Among their other qualities, Núria Albó’s poems are clear and elegant. I have aimed for the melodies composed for these songs, whether presented in unison or whether they move within the harmonic structure, to be direct pieces which maintain these values, both with the voices and the accompanying instruments.
Our work, as composer and poet, is done. Now, it is time for the miracle to occur; when the creative leadership of the conductor helps the choir interpret the music and bring the silent marks on the sheets of music to life.
Baltasar Bibiloni

Instrumental and vocal formations

String Quartet


Absència (Absence)
El fuster (The Carpenter)
El pescador (The fisherman)
Els bombers (the Fire Fighteners)
Pare i mare (Mum and Dad)
Soldats de plom (Lead Soldiers)
Ulls blaus (Blue Eyes)

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29,7 x 21 cm, horizontal


Spiral-bound full score


Score and parts

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