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Literatura e interpretación de la trompeta

Literatura e interpretación de la trompeta-Literatura para trompeta-Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level

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Joaquín Leal de la Órden


Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level


Literatura para trompeta Nr. 1





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(Trumpet literature and performance) This work only aims to be a support for the subject Trumpet Literature and Performance, which is a compulsory subject within professional teaching at Andalusian music conservatories, without underestimating the important, praiseworthy and always essential task of teachers, both as refers their analysis and their extensive explanations, which for obvious reasons of space cannot be included here.
The most remarkable aims are:
1.) Understanding of the parallelism existing between the evolution of the instrument throughout history and its significance within the writing of this speciality.
2.) Knowledge about the aesthetic characteristics of the different periods and styles and their application on the performance of the repertoire.
3.) Acquisition of the habit of listening to music in order to broaden one´s musical culture to have a solid basis that permits to define ones own preferences.
4.) Development of the pupil´s capacity to draw objective conclusions from what he/she listens to and apply them to his/her performance.
5.) Stir up the pupil´s interest in performing pieces by great composers of their instrument.
Chapters summary and links to audio parts reffered to, at Trumpetland.com

Chapter 1: Renacimiento y primeros barrocos
Chapter 2: Barroco: Händel
Chapter 3: Barroco: Bach
Chapter 4: Barroco: Apogeo del clarino
Chapter 5: Clasicismo orquestal
Chapter 6: Clasicismo orquestal (2)
Chapter 7: Clasicismo solista
Chapter 8: Romanticismo orquestal
Chapter 9: Romanticismo solista
Chapter 10: Postromanticismo orquestal
Chapter 11: Impresionismo y Siglo XX
Chapter 12: Siglo XX: Música de cámara y solista con orquesta
Chapter 13: Siglo XX: Música para trompeta solo




- History of the instrumental family from its beginnings and until our days.

- Study of the instrumental family throughout history and their use by composers of each period.

- Analytic, technical and aesthetic study, as well as study of sources and editions of the most representative works of the specific repertoire of each instrument.

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