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Formar el oído

Formar el oído-Manuales Universitarios-Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level-Music Schools and Conservatoires Advanced Level-Musical Pedagogy-University Level

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Germán Romero


Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level
Music Schools and Conservatoires Advanced Level
Musical Pedagogy
University Level


Manuales Universitarios Nr. 1




Book with DVD

48.08 € VAT not included

50.00 € VAT included


The aim of this work is to contribute in solving some of the deficiencies of musical education and to offer some extensive and detailed explanations of concepts, procedures and methodological resources for ear training, as well as a great quantity of exercises and activity suggestions for the class.

Along general lines, the work follows the methodological recommendations of Ronald Mackamul and Lars Edlund, authors of a pedagogical work which has had an important impact on the international scene during the last decades.


The structure of this book, which includes a working schedule, was conceived for a four years program.

Chapter i: Rhythm // Chapter ii: Intervals // Chapter iii: Tonal Music // Chapter iv: Ancient Music // Chapter v: Music of the xxth Century // Appendix i: Additional Exercise Catalogue // Appendix ii: Key

Most of the exercises (which are ordered by their difficulty) are extracts of repertoire pieces, whose entire or reduced scores can be found in the Appendix key. The exercises which were expressly written for this book can be found in the concomitant dvd. Although this book was not conceived for autodidactic students, it contains enough material to enable individual study.

The author

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Portada en color.


21 x 27 cm, vertical


Glue binding for the book and spiral wire binding for the attachments. DVD in clear plastic envelope, inside the book.


Book, DVD and appendix (sold as a single unit).

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DINSIC Publicacions Musicals

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Lluïsa Jover Armengol

Translations of this Publication

Formar l'oïda

Book with DVD


Formar l'oïda

50.00 €


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