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Cançons populars i d'autor a tres veus mixtes

Cançons populars i d'autor a tres veus mixtes-Música vocal (paper copy)-Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level-Scores Intermediate

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Musical Adaptation

Agustí Delgado


Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level
Scores Intermediate


Música vocal (paper copy) Nr. 87





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The Cor Alba children’s choir from Blanes, which I spoke about in the presentation of Volume 1, grew up. When the boys’ voices changed, I had to prepare new arrangements which included male voices. At that time, I was also leading two adult choirs. In all the choirs we did not have enough men to split them into tenors and basses, so I had to prepare a single line of male voices. This is a common situation in amateur choirs, which is why this collection may be useful for similar groups.

In the songs in this collection, male voices usually range between C2 [do2] and D3 [re3], but occasionally have to reach A1 [la1] in the low notes and E3 [mi3] in the high ones. This means that they are suitable for any kind of male voice to sing, but if anyone does feel they are challenged, some notes could change octave.

The subject matters of the songs are diverse: seven are traditional ones and six are composed by authors from a variety of different time periods. Some of them are harmonizations based on traditional tunes whereas others are three-voice reductions of pieces originally composed for four mixed voices.

We hope you enjoy singing them.

Agustí Delgado

Instrumental and vocal formations

Three-part mixed choir


El cavaller enamorat
El mariner
El cant dels ocells
Els segadors
La dama de Mallorca
La Mare de Déu
L’hereu Riera
Flauta i timbal
Amor, que tens ma vida
Per tu jo cantaria
Què volen aquesta gent?

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