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Essential Double Bass Drumming

Essential Double Bass Drumming-Mètodes de bateria-Music Schools and Conservatoires Several Levels

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Alfred Berengena


Music Schools and Conservatoires Several Levels


Mètodes de bateria Nr. 1


Music, English


Book with CD

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Essential Double Bass Drumming is a method that, as its name suggests, is essential not just for double bass drumming technique but also for understanding many of the polyrhythms studied in it and for achieving psycho-motor independence in the lower limbs. Its 64 pages cover various combinations, all for double bass drumming, in which results are achieved that can be applied to the hi-hat or the clave with the left foot. It is divided into three sections, Easy, Mid and High, and each is broken down into 7, 6 and 7 exercises respectively, arranged in a graded manner.
This is not so much a method that is difficult to understand and study as a collection of combinations that are essential for achieving full independence between the limbs. It is set out in the simplest viable way for the purpose of reaching the widest possible audience and making it very useful both for people with a high level in music theory and for those only barely acquainted with it. It comes with an audio CD containing 52 tracks of examples, and explanations concerning foot positions, pedal calibration, setting up the bass drums and so on.


Double Bass Drum

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