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Francesc Toldrà i Carbonell. Músiques per a gralla

Francesc Toldrà i Carbonell. Músiques per a gralla-Calaix de solfa-Traditional Music Catalonia


Francesc Toldrà i Carbonell


Josep Albà Artigas
Josep Crivillé
Ramon Vilar
Xavier Orriols i Sendra

Critical Edition

Xavier Bayer


Traditional Music Catalonia


Calaix de solfa Nr. 1





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(Francesc Toldrà i Carbonell. Gralla Music)
In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the gralla (a shawm) was prominent in certain areas of Catalonia (the Penedès and the Camp de Tarragona districts).
Gralla groups playing these shawms ' usually three of them plus a drum at that time ' played dance music, traditional intermezzos (e.g. the giant-parade sets, gypsy pieces, masquerades and human-castle pieces), and performed in celebrations and major festivities (carnival, Easter serenading etc.).
One of those groups, perhaps the most renowned one at that time, was the 'Colla dels Bastarons' of Vila-Rodona, and its members commissioned these ten pieces for gralla by Francesc Toldrà which we are presenting in this volume.


Shawm (Gralla)


Biographical note
The chirimia and the gralla players 100 years ago
Basterons repertoire written by Frances Toldrà
Musical commentary
Score: Paso-doble (no.1); Waltz-jota (no.2); Mazurka (no. 3); Americana (no. 4); Paso-doble (no. 5); Paso-doble (no. 6); El minuto (Waltz-jota) (no. 7); El recluta (Paso-doble) (no. 8); Rosenda (americana) (no. 20); Paso-doble.

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21 x 29,7 cm, vertical



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