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Cantata Coral Arcàdia (Pocket Score)

Cantata Coral Arcàdia (Pocket Score)-Pocket Scores of Orchestral Music-Scores Elementary-Scores Intermediate

Inside Pages



Jordi Domènech Subiranas


Miquel Desclot


Scores Elementary
Scores Intermediate


Pocket Scores of Orchestral Music Nr. 16





19.23 € VAT not included

20.00 € VAT included


The choral cantata Arcàdia is based on the universal flood, punishment and regeneration; a universal theme which has awoken a great deal of fascination, and spawned numerous legends and a huge range of artistic fictions.
An imaginary world created from Noah and his followers during the flood and peopled by some of the most famous fictional characters in the Western cannon. Five ships commanded by Noah and his three sons, and a fourth imaginary captain, Àngel, which become separated from each other and get swept away by the force of the flood before finding their own bearings: Noah sails to the east, Shem to the north, Ham to south, Japheth to the west, and Àngel on an unknown course, with his prow heading for a giant rainbow, which seems to cross over the entrance to a land apparently outside the geographical dimension of the cardinal points.
While the first part of the cantata closes with a lament for the victims of the flood, the second part ends with a celebration of the new world discovered by Àngel, the imaginary continent where happiness reigns for a few almost unimaginable moments.

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15,5 x 20 cm, vertical


Adhesive binding

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DINSIC Publicacions Musicals

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Cantata coral Arcàdia (Orchestra Material)

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