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Eduard Toldrà, Mestre de mestres - Fajol

Eduard Toldrà, Mestre de mestres - Fajol-Sardanes i obres per a cobla-Traditional Music Catalonia


Joan-Lluís Moraleda Perxachs

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Joan-Lluís Moraleda Perxachs


Traditional Music Catalonia


Sardanes i obres per a cobla Nr. 1


Spanish, Catalan, Music, English



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(In homage to Eduard Toldra - To buck wheat)
'Eduard Toldrà, Mestre de mestres'
This Sardana (traditional Catalan dance form), called 'Eduard Toldrà, Master of Masters' in honour of the composer Toldrà, was commissioned by the Sardana association Amics de la Sardana, of the town of Vilanova i la Geltrú. It was given its first performance on that town´s Rambla (main boulevard) during a dance in July 1996.
Its composer, who is also chief conductor of the chamber orchestra Orquestra de Cambra del Garraf, has always been in close contact with all the Vilanova groups that pay regular homage to the memory of their town´s Eduard Toldrà.
Joan Lluís Moraleda took that chance to write a Sardana that is traditional in nature though still with intense musical content, the composition being devoted to the memory of that creator of genius and distinguished citizen of Vilanova i la Geltrú, Eduard Toldrà, to whom the work is dedicated.
'Fajol' means 'buck wheat', a cereal that was basic to the diet of the people of Olot until well into the twentieth century. Nowadays, however, it is rarely found, remaining only as a symbol in the world of gastronomy and the world of country folk, representing tradition and the preservation of the good traditions of old.
Thus it was that the Olot traditional cobla band Flor de Fajol asked the composer Joan Lluís Moraleda to write a Sardana which, while still traditional in feel, would also be of substance and of high musical quality.
This Sardana was devoted to his friends Narcís Ferrer and Josefina Salgueda, pastrycooks, and themselves members of the Flor de Fajol band.

Instrumental and vocal formations



Two sardanes for Cobla:
-Eduard Toldrà, Mestre de mestres

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21,6 x 16 cm, horizontal


Full Score Stapled. Separately bound parts.

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