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Quartet per a clarinets

Quartet per a clarinets-Chamber Music for Wind Instruments-Scores Advanced-Scores Intermediate

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Joan-Lluís Moraleda Perxachs


Scores Advanced
Scores Intermediate


Chamber Music for Wind Instruments Nr. 1


Spanish, Catalan, Music, English



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It came a day in 1949, when our father brought home an old a clockwork gramophone and a bunch of records, all bought for a song at the Encants. To both my two year old brother Albert and six year old me, that present became a true window to the world of music. Through this and many following batches that came home, always secondhand, we played our way to a very interesting basic musical background. One of my most beloved memories of that time are the foxtrots we listened to – 20 years late – by Paul Whiteman’s or Jack Hylton’s orchestras... All that gone with the wind, however, I have recently and surprisingly found those same versions again on , 60 years later, I now find the likes of The wedding of the painted doll or Fox Movietone Follies 29 by Jack Hylton’s orchestra simply brilliant, be it in the form of their musical composition, the arrangements, and mainly their performance. 
Barcelona Clarinet Players (BCP), a young clarinet quartet from the Banda Municipal de Barcelona, opportunely asked me for a dedicated piece, made to fit their possibilities and formation. The first to come to my mind, considering the wide range of possibilities of clarinets as instruments, was to writesome "dances"... The first one, a ragtime, was a tribute to J. Hylton; a Tango was an offering to our father, for the many he had played to us when we were children. A samba, the third, was a reminder of how I enjoyed in my youth the apex of bossa nova in the 70s. This edition features the original BCP parts. However, a transpose of the corno di bassetto part to alto clarinet in Eb is also provided to replace the original.
The autor

Instrumental and vocal formations

Instrumental Ensemble


1.- Ragtime
2.- Tango
3.- Samba de carnaval

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8' 20"


15,3 x 21,7 cm, vertical


Adhesive binding

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