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Tres cançons per a soprano, mezzo i piano

Tres cançons per a soprano, mezzo i piano-Quaderns de cançó (publicació en paper)-Scores Advanced

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Ramon Ribé Queralt


Lluís Figuerola Ortiga
M. Mercè Marçal


Scores Advanced


Quaderns de cançó (publicació en paper) Nr. 3


Spanish, Catalan, English, Music



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Brida (2012)

Many people consider Maria-Mercè Marçal (1952-1998) the greatest Catalan female poet of all times. Born in Ivars d’Urgell, she lived and worked in Barcelona. A poet, novelist, essay writer and translator, she defined her- self in a well-known poem:

I am grateful to fate for three gifts: to have been born a woman, from the working class and an oppressed nation.
And the turbid azure of being three times a rebel.
(English translation by Sam Abrams)

Brida (Rein) was published inside the book Bruixa de Dol (Mourning Witch) (1979)
and has the air of a folk song. The poet talks about the limitations we people face, rebels against them and declares herself ready to attend “the fools’ fair”. She sees herself travelling from place to place, a carrier of life without limits. She feels betrayed by love (“love, a bitter star, sends me signals, but I’m walking on the other side of the river”). The poet tries to escape the chains that imprison her. Words and music have the simple and sober tone of a Catalan folk song.
The composer, Ramon Ribé, who has set to music some of Mercè’s poems, feels nostalgia for those years in the eighties when the two of them were work colleagues at the Joan Boscà highschool in Barcelona.

Què s’emporta la mar? (2011)

“Què s’emporta la mar?” (What does the sea take away?) was published inside the book Plugim de cendres (Rain of Ashes). Its autor was Lluís Figuerola Ortiga, from Valls, actor, writer, media reporter and poem reciter. The book is dedicated to “my friends, now that the sun is setting”. Lluís Figuerola was first known for two books of short stories -Creu de Cames (1998) and Un gall a Balmes (2001). His two volumes of poetry - Plugim de cendres (Rain of Ashes) (2008) and Nàufrags (Shipwrecked) (2013) came later. He has received awards for his professional career (Ciutat de Tarragona de Comunicació 2007, and Reconeixement de la Ciutat de Valls 2012) and as a writer of short narrative.
The music, composed by Ramon Ribé, was premièred in 2012 by the Catalan soprano Olga Miracle, born in California and a citizen of Barcelona, and the pianist Francesc Teixidó at the Museu Europeu d’Art Modern (Eu- ropean Musem of Modern Art) in the Palau Gomis (Gomis Palace) in Barcelona.

Raval d’amor (2011)

“Raval d’amor” (Suburb of Love) is the first of two poems with the same title written by Maria Mercè Marçal. “Suburb of Love: Variations on One Seawave”, was awarded the Flor Natural Prize in the Jocs Florals of Barcelo- na in 1981 and was published inside the book Sal Oberta (Open Salt) (1982). Maria Mercè wrote it after meeting the poet Josep Parcerissa, to whom these verses allude. The poem was later included in a compilation volume, Llengua Abolida (Abolished Language) (1989), a collection of poems written by Maria Mercè between 1977 and 1988. The book is dedicated to her father but offered by the poet as a gift “to us –all the women I love, and in special to my daughter Heura (it has taken me five years to believe in the miracle!). And also to all my male and female colleagues who are still able to summon up the signs of an abolished language.


Què s'emporta el mar?
Raval d'amor

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Raval d'amor


Raval d'amor

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