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Da Camera 27

Da Camera 27-Da Camera (digital PDF copy)-Scores Elementary

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Carles Fernández


Scores Elementary


Da Camera (digital PDF copy) Nr. 27


Spanish, Catalan, Music, English



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8.75 € VAT included


This book, like Da Camera 17, is intended to enable recorder students in music schools to work on chamber music together with their companions learning other instruments.
It brings 36 pieces for groups involving from 2 to 6 players in various combinations, though always involving the recorder.
The repertoire is arranged in parallel to and in accordance with the contents of the book Frullato 2 ' also published by Dinsic ' which, for editorial reasons, is presented separately.
It has been attempted to have most instruments studied in music schools represented, though bearing the cohesiveness of the ensemble in mind, naturally. The book also contains works for recorder ensembles.
The repertoire is based mostly on composers writing in different styles, along with traditional songs and dances.


1. Tanca els ulls (Close your eyes) / 2. Menuett / 3. Dansa de st. Feliu de Torelló (Sant Feliu de Torelló dance) / 4. La volta (The return) / 5. Cada dia surt el sol (The sun comes up every day) / 6. Els tres reis (The three kings) / 7. Cànon popular eslovac (Slovak folk canon) / 8. Chorfantasie / 9. Oh, maig vine depressa (Oh month of May, come soon) / 10. Davallen les ramades (The flocks are coming down) / 11. O Jesulein söß / 12. In einem grünen Garten / 13. Ländler / 14. Schlesischer Hopser / 15. Anglaise / 16. Menuett / 17. La Mourisque / 18. Der mit dem Sabel / 19. Cànon hebràic (Hebrew canon) 20. Burlesque / 21. Játékdal / 22. Peça breu (Short piece) / 23. Frère Jacques / 24. Allegretto / 25. Moje Milé / 26. Allmaine / 27. Contradansa embolicada de Sant Feliu de Torelló (Muddled-up contredanse, Sant Feliu de Torelló-style) / 28. Allemande / 29. Una veu, dues veus' (One voice, two') / 30. Menuett / 31. Dansa alemanya (German dance) / 32. La Tarara / 33. Schiarazula, Marazula / 34. Dansa alemanya / 35. Agermanats (United in brotherhood) / 36. Vals / 37. Zim, zim / 38. Balm In gilead

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21 x 29,7 cm, vertical


Staple. Plastic-coated cover.

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