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Les dotze van sonant

Les dotze van sonant-Música vocal (paper copy)-Scores Elementary

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Jordi Domènech Subiranas


Scores Elementary


Música vocal (paper copy) Nr. 41


Catalan, Music



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12 Christmas carols for three choirs from all over Europe

'Les dotze van sonant' has its origin in a request of the
Escola Coral del Palau de la Música Catalana de Barcelona (Choral School of the Palau de la Música Catalana of Barcelona) consisting in connecting 11 songs from all over the world with different arrangements, musical languages, keys and languages by means of different organ interludes and crown it with a new arrangement of the song '
Les dotze van tocant'. This version premiered on Saint Steve's day (December 26th) of 2006.
Thus, this piece consists of 12 Christmas carols from all over Europe, to be sung in nine different languages (German, Czech, Polish and Latin amongst others) for organ and three different choirs: a children's' choir, a female choir and a mixed choir, with easily accessible arrangements for our autochthon choirs, in order not to complicate the musical aspect, to permit a higher concentration on the linguistic aspect.
There is a possible forth choir, which can be incorporated in this piece: the public. It can join the singers on stage in two of the most known songs amongst Christmas carols: '
Adeste Fideles' and '
Escolteu! Els àngels canten'. The score includes a sheet with the music, the texts and an outline for both songs, that can be photocopied and handed out to the public with the program.

Instrumental and vocal formations

Children's Choir, Mixed Choir, High-voice Choir


Voice, Organ


Introduction- Coventry Carol - Gdy sie Chrystus rodzi - Dormi, dormi bel bambin - Entre le boeuf et l'âne gris - El dimoni escuat - Adeste Fideles - Boschata majka - No la devemos dormir - Still, still - Pujdem spolu do Betléma - Escolteu! Els àngels canten - Les dotze van tocant.

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