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Eleven Sacred Works

Eleven Sacred Works-Música coral catalana (paper copy)-Scores Intermediate

Inside Pages



Francesc Valls

Critical Edition

Sergi Casademunt Fiol


Scores Intermediate


Música coral catalana (paper copy) Nr. 19


Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Latin



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Francesc Valls can be regarded as a key composer for Catalan baroque music, both on account of the importance of the post he held and his intellectual open-mindedness, which led him to take an interest in what was being done in the rest of Europe. Practically all his work is religious, except for a few cantatas and 'tonos humanos'. The religious compositions in this edition could be included in the Hispanic tradition of polyphony, though they are open to the new trends of the time. He is at his most innovative in terms of harmony in some of his four-part motets. The entire Chapel choir must have taken part in performing the four-part works, the choir at Barcelona Cathedral having ten singers at the beginning of the seventeenth century. For the basso continuo ' or 'accompaniment' as it is termed in the manuscripts ' the organ and the violone or bajón (a Spanish form of the bassoon) were used.

Instrumental and vocal formations

Mixed Choir, Basso Continuo


Voice, Basso Continuo


Tota pulchra es: motet in 4 parts with basso continuo
Tenebræ factæ sunt: motet in 4 parts with basso continuo
O vos omnes: motet in 4 parts with basso continuo
Domine vim patior: motet in 4 parts with basso continuo
Plorans ploravit: motet in 4 parts with basso continuo
Fulcite me floribus: motet in 4 parts with basso continuo
Domine, quando veneris: motet in 4 parts with basso continuo
Beata quæ credidisti: 12-part motet with three choirs (4+4+4) and basso continuo
Domine ad adiuvandum: Initial invocation song in 8 parts, with two choirs (4+4) and basso continuo
Beatus vir: Vespers psalm 111 in 7 parts with two choirs (3+4) and basso continuo
Magnificat: Vespers canticle in 6 parts with two choirs (2+4) and basso continuo

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21 x 29,7 cm, vertical


Adhesive binding

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