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Andante Segon Curs

Andante Segon Curs-Andante-Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level

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Vicente Roncero Gómez


Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level


Andante Nr. 2


Catalan, Music


Book with CD

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23.00 € VAT included


Andante was the first Music Education methodology to include all the curricular material within one single book. After more than a decade, it is time for Andante to renew and update, though never losing its character, which has reached so many teachers and students these past years.

Andante is now quicker, more dynamic, and clear-cut. Its new, handy, direct line features 12 units with whole new activities. Each unit presents 5 parts: theory, song, readings – in turn divided into rhythmic, melodic, and rhythmic-melodic readings –, listening exercises, and theory and music writing exercises. All the activities within each unit bear an inseparable relation. Thus, Music Education learning becomes coherent and effective. At the end of each three-months term, every 4 units, a summary presents new readings, support exercises, and a chart with all the contents dealt with in that section of the book.

An audio CD with piano listening exercises is included for both in-class and at-home further work.


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21 x 29,7 cm, vertical


Adhesive binding. Plastic-coated cover.


Book and CD (sold as a single unit)

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DINSIC Publicacions Musicals, PILES, Editorial de Música S.A.

Translations of this Publication

Andante 2 - Musika-hizkuntza

Book with CD


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