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Tractat de solfeig: exercicis 1

Tractat de solfeig: exercicis 1-Tractat de solfeig: els elements essencials de la música-Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level


Narcís Bonet


Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level


Tractat de solfeig: els elements essencials de la música






(Music-Reading Course / Second book of exercises in reading, writing and dictation).
The interval of a second, and whole beats in 2-beat, 3-beat and 4-beat times.
Introduction to reading, writing and dictation, restricted to the interval of the second and to whole-beat times (notes and rests), excluding all time sub-divisions. The reading exercises have no clef and no key signature; the music is read in line with some assumed, pre-determined clef and key signature. The rhythmic values used are restricted to figures representing the value of one or more beats (notes and rests), indicated by minims, crotchets and quavers.


Melodic formulae, reading rhythms, writing, reading and dictation, and worksheets on 2-beat, 3-beat and 4-beat times, concerning:
1. The interval of an ascending second, and 2-beat time.
2. The interval of a descending second, and 3-beat time.
3. Ascending and descending groups in 2-beat and 3-beat times.
4. Ascending and descending groups in 4-beat times.

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17 x 24,5 cm, vertical



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