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Llenguatge Musical Grau Mitjà 2

Llenguatge Musical Grau Mitjà 2-Llenguatge musical (Grau mitjà)-Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level

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Àngels Arnaus Puerto
Francesca Galofré Mora
Josep Baucells Colom
Lluïsa Alegre Heitzmann
Xavier Boliart Ponsa

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Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level


Llenguatge musical (Grau mitjà) Nr. 2





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(The Language of Music Intermediate 2) Rhytm: Revision of previous course; simple time signatures with denominators of 4 and 2, and compound time with denominators of 8, 4 and 16; common amalgamated time signatures (5/4, 7/4, 15/8 and 21/8); time signatures of 'unequal time' (5/8 and 7/8); changes in time (simple-compound and vice versa); movement changes; harmony-readings in 1 and 2 staves; duplet, quadruplet, quintuplet and septuplet; asymetric accents. / Intonation- ear training: revision of tonalities; 4 alterations; series of intervals without tonal reference; exercises (memorization; dictations; scales; transposing 2nd and 3rd superior and inferior.); readings with clef changes; readings(changes in mode- homonymous keys-; up to six alterations; modulation to neighbouring and distant tones; modulation to the Dominant; polyphony); augmented 5th diminished 7th; mode changes in different keys; cadences; enharmonics; Major mixed scales; minor mixed scale; chords- 7th M-m-dim./ Harmony: tonal functions ( I-IV-V/ I-IV-V-V7/ I-IV-V-V7-II-VI); types of cadences ; blending 4 voices; special notes (grace notes, appogiaturia, etc.); Dominant 7th (root form, 1st and 2nd inversion); figured bass. / Analysis: binary-ternary; analyisis of phrasing; cadencial analysis; variations on a theme; odd notes; modern suite; instrumental clefs; etude; nocturne; prelude; sonata; coda; concerto; orchestra; solo and transposing instruments; symphony; little fugue.


Eight units, each containing six topics: reading, exercises, rhythm, ear training-entonation, harmony and analysis, and creativity. / Piano accompaniments for the reading exercises. / Programme guideline for the course and revision of theory in appendix.

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