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Música per a infants. Instrumental Orff

Música per a infants. Instrumental Orff-Materials de pedagogia musical (in catalan)-Musical Pedagogy-University Level

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Francesc Vila Ginferrer


Musical Pedagogy
University Level


Materials de pedagogia musical (in catalan) Nr. 3





16.06 € VAT not included

16.70 € VAT included


Music for children / Orff Instruments
A collection of pieces written for Orff percussion instruments. They are presented following a structure that facilitates the process of disassociation and recognition of intervals within a melodic unit.
Scales from two-tone to seven-tone are presented, the children thereby learning to identify not only the melody but also the intervals of the musical scale, while also providing them with work on mental relations, and hence the reading and writing of music.
The author´s use of tunes that follow the order of early modes, and the absence of accidentals in them, makes them particularly suitable for performing on Orff instruments.


Orff Percussion


Melodic development:
- from the two-tone to the seven-tone scale
- pentatonic scales
- early modes
Folk songs
Miscellaneous works

Technical Specifications


21 x 29,7 cm, vertical


Paperback. Plastic-coated cover.

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