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Els planetes

Els planetes-Música vocal (paper copy)-Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level-Traditional Music Catalonia-Scores Elementary

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Jordi Domènech Subiranas


Josep Carner
Miquel Desclot
Pep Rosanes
Pilar Cabot Vila


Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level
Traditional Music Catalonia
Scores Elementary


Música vocal (paper copy) Nr. 59


Catalan, Music



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Els Planetes (The Planets), a suite for treble voices, is for now the work to which I have dedicated the most time. Firstly, I was requested to set music to some poems. Later, dissatisfied with my work so far, the owner of the texts abandoned the project and ditched me. Thence, the three planets I had already written long slept the sleep of the just. It was the proverbial intervention of the poet, friend and neighbour Pilar Cabot what brought Els Planetes back to life. She agreed to try to rewrite the text to the two original songs, having them fit the original metter. Be it because of my laziness or the upset of having to throw away music that I liked, this modern contrafactum had Els Planetes spinning again and, enriched with poems by Pep Rosanes and Miquel Desclot, ready to be presented to you.
To the three poets, I express my gratitude for their generous work, which in the case of Pilar was crucial. I also want to thank the coordination team of Cor de Noies and, specially, Buia Reixach for her enthusiasm and, above all, the faith and illusion she put into the project.


1. Diàleg extrem: Mercuri i Plutó. (Miquel Desclot). Cor
2. La terra i el seu satèl·lit. (Pilar Cabot). Cor
3. Urà. (Pilar Cabot). Contralt solista i cor
4. Mart. (Pep Rosanes). Contralt solista i cor
5. Saturn. (Pep Rosanes). Contralt solista
6. Venus. (Pilar Cabot). Cor
7. Neptú. (Pilar Cabot). Dues solistes, contralt solista i cor
8. Júpiter (Pep Rosanes). Cor
9. Intermedi. Piano
10. La lluna canta. (Josep Carner). Cor

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