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Premis Pallars de música d'arrel tradicional

Premis Pallars de música d'arrel tradicional-Calaix de solfa-Traditional Music Catalonia

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Antoni Serra Oribe
David Puertas Esteve
Enric Montsant Damià
Jaume Arnella Paris
Joan Figueres Bautista

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Josep Crivillé
Ramon Vilar


Traditional Music Catalonia


Calaix de solfa Nr. 7





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The Pallars Prize for Music with Traditional Roots
Every year from 1992 to 1997, there has been an annual get-together up in the Pyrenees town of La Pobla de Segur: on the first weekend in July, as the opening event in a wide-ranging programme of activities, the Pallars Prize for Music with Traditional Roots is awarded. The event takes place outdoors on one of those peaceful, refreshingly cool early-summer nights up in the Pallars district, a get-together fondly remembered by many on account of the festive atmosphere that pervades the proceedings. First the audience listens to concert performances of the works short-listed by the panel, chosen from among those submitted in response to calls for submissions sent out several months before by the Centre for the Promotion of Catalan Folk and Traditional Music.


- Ball de Gegants de la Pobla de Segur (Dance for the Giants of La Pobla de Segur), for two rustic pipe and small drum / David Puertas
- Seguici pallarès (Pallars Procession) for rustic pipe, bagpipe, keyless tenor schawm (tarota) 1 and 2, baritone bugle, trombone, persussion / Pere Pau Giménez
- Tres per quatre (Three-Four) for rustic pipe, keyless tenor schawm (tarota), schawm (xeremia), baritone bugle and percussion / Joan Figueres
- Valset de Falset (Little Falset Waltz) for schawm (gralla) 1 and 2 / Enric Montsant
- Marxa dels raiers de la Noguera Pallaresa (March of the river Noguera Palleresa lumberjacks) for schawm (gralla) 1, 2 and 3 and drum / Antoni Serra
- Surt al balcó, Roseta (Cançó de ronda) (Come out onto the balcony, Roseta) for voice, accordion, guitar and anisse botle / Jaume Arnella
- Seguici pallarès (nova versió 2002) ( Pallars Procession) for rustic pipe, bagpipe, keyless tenor schawm (tarota)1 and 2, baritone bugle, sacabutx and percussion (big drum) / Pere Pau Jiménez

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